Salads around the world

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Salads around the world

Although you know some types of salads, you are still ignoring a lot more that could be a good choice to have a light dinner or for a healthy meal. We realize that there were a lot of countries in which probably there was a specific type of salad that people might not know about. That’s the reason we are sharing all these ideas. Try with these 9 unique recipes and know more about salads around the world!

9. Spanish salad

The Spanish one is known as “mixed salad” or “ensalada mixta” in Spanish. This is quite a healthy salad which is made of tomatoes, corn, carrot, olives, beets, cucumber, hard-boiled egg or tuna, among others. The last magic taste to make this salad one of the most tasty and healthy salads of the world is the typical Spanish tuned oil, salt and vinegar.


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